One of the most prestigious accomplishments VPX Sports Nutrition has achieved is that we have more university proven double-blind placebo-controlled sports and performance nutrition studies on our finished products than all the supplement companies in our industry combined! We don’t engage in unethical and deceptive advertising practices by bloviating that users gained 10 pounds on a “key Muscle building compound” in our product or lost 22 pounds of fat with a “key fat burning ingredient” in our product. The companies that make these intellect-insulting claims conveniently never tell you what specific ingredient they are referring to. They also never tell you the exact amount used in their so called or research study. Nor, do the tell you how long you have to use this mysterious “key ingredient”! Worse yet, they don’t use the real compound used in the study. Let’s say for example, a specific herb containing 28% alkaloids or polyphenols was used in the study. They will use the “same herb by name only” but this worthless herb will be devoid of and active alkaloids or polyphenols. Frankly, they don’t give a damn about you! They will list as many as 50 compounds on the label sprinkled in their products is worthless pixie dust amounts.

“This is why VPX conducts university double-blind placebo-controlled sports and performance nutrition studies on our FINISHED PRODUCTS – we sell you the exact products and exact ingredients with exact ingredient amounts that were used and proven effective at the most prestigious research universities in the world!”

– Jack Owoc CEO, CSO VPX/Bang/Redline

Given the distinction, “The Frontrunner in Sports Nutrition” VPX continues to utilize intense research to develop the world’s most effective muscle, appearance and performance-enhancing supplementation, beverages and nutrition.

“The science and the ability to create superior products is something we take ownership of and take very seriously. VPX Sports has funded 22+ landmark sports nutrition studies at the country’s top universities such as, UCLA, Florida State, Baylor, Southern Maine, University of Tampa, College of Pittsburgh, Memphis University and many others. As a result of these studies, VPX Redline has successfully developed and produced a full line of university proven nutritional supplements and performance beverages. As of now, there are at least a dozen studies that have been published or are in progress. VPX has product-specific studies on 6 Meltdown Studies, Redline Xtreme, Redline Princess, Zero Carb Protein, Protein Rush, NO-Shotgun, two NO-Shotgun/NO-Synthesize Stack Stuides and is in the process of conducting a bleeding edge study with Division I collegiate athletes that will be released in the coming months! No company has a dedication and commitment to science like VPX! A test of Meltdown Fat Assault RTD drink performed at the College of New Jersey, Ewing, N.J., showed a 14 percent increase in metabolism for more than three hours per 4-ounce serving. A College of New Jersey study found that 4-ounces of Redline Xtreme provided a 7.5 percent improvement in reaction time, 13 percent increase in energy and 15 percent increase in focus.Our Pre-Workout SHOTGUN 5X research found that subject’s experienced a mind-blowing 148.65% increase in muscle DNA and up to a 5-fold increase in muscle gene proteins! The mind-blowing message here is that we created products that actually induce nutria-genomics which means positively altering muscle genes through supplementation! We are on fire right now and I personally 2017 will bring you innovations that will rock your fragile world!”

– Jack Owoc CEO, CSO VPX/Bang/Redline

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