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AE was founded in 2005 with a singular focus: to stay true to the motto of “Substance Over Hype” in all that we do.

We are the antithesis to your typical marketing- and hype-driven supplement company that makes unsubstantiated claims, lacks quality control and research and utilizes trendy ingredients with no scientific support. At Athletic Edge, everything we do is based on providing our customer with “Substance Over Hype.”

During our 10-plus years in business, we’ve remained committed to this course. Our goal has always been to be “best in class” with a firm foundation of craftsmanship and sophistication. By consistently raising the standards in product development, innovation, research on our finished products and quality control, as well as presenting our products and information in a strictly no-hype way, we’re able to deliver on that goal.


Research-backed ingredients at research-supported doses have always been the core of all Athletic Edge products. We are confident in our formulations because we design our products from the ground up. Customers can see every ingredient and every dosage. Our competitors, however, build their products off of a marketing/hype approach, relying on the latest gimmicky ingredient, delivery system or whatever will look good in an advertisement to make a sale. We don’t have to use hype as a part of our marketing model. Because of the quality of our products, they speak for themselves.


We put our finished products through extensive research and testing to prove that they perform as claimed. The resulting studies have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals and posted on our website. This commitment sets us apart from our competitors who often market false claims with zero substantiation or claim to be a research-backed company but are unable to present that research when requested. Our products are effective and we have the research to prove it.


Every AE product bears the Banned Substance Control Group’s (BSCG) logo. This means that every lot number of every Athletic Edge product has passed BSCG’s analysis—the highest standard in quality control within the industry—and is free from prescription and over-the-counter drugs, banned substances in sport, harmful pesticides and containments. Testing results can be verified on the BSCG website, (simply click on the Athletic Edge logo). For more information visit our "Quality Verified" page.


Our track record of over 10 years shows that we have never backed ingredients that lack scientific support. On the contrary, we’re the company known for attracting the industry’s and consumers’ attention through our published articles on beta-alanine, the second most research-backed ingredient in sports nutrition, following creatine monohydrate. We’ve always shared content that is based on research with zero marketing spin. We provide information on sports nutrition that hundreds of thousands of people have relied upon over the past decade and trust that they can continue to do so.

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